In a hotel room

Written by: Seren Roberts

A fter a long drive we arrive

N ice looking hotel reception
A feeling of sensual anticipation 
U ndue pressures on our emotions
G irl  hands over keys to lovers convention
H ug you close, touch to please
T urning into a wanton tease
Y ou open the door to let paradise release

W e let our bodies do the talking
E motion shaking fingers do the walking
E asily we touch to thrill
K nowing our love we will fulfill
E asing out of our clothes, nerves are seared
N estling my breasts with your beard
D arling all inhibitions have disappeared

A ll feelings of frustration  no longer exist
W et with longing for much more than  a kiss
A t home our loving was getting staid
Y et here we are getting  well and truly laid

Just goes to show that a naughty weekend away can spice up your life.

Dated 6 February 2013.