The Dreamer

Written by: craig cornish

What do you do on a rainy day
'sides twiddle your thumbs to pass time away.
I have a suggestion, mere conjecture,
escape from it all, attend a lecture.
There you can doodle, take a few notes,
fill up your pad with ambiguous quotes
from Shakespeare and Bacon and Chaucer.
Study and cram and stay up all night,
let your brain fly unbelievable heights,
you know all the answers, let no man deny,
any question you're given you correctly reply,
summa cum-laude, then straight to the top,
your ambition, your knowledge, no one can stop
and just when you think you've got the world won,
you awake from your dream--late for class off you run!

Written in 1967 when I was a freshman in College.
Much Truth LOL