Written by: Adeshina Aladeshawe

In this season of fears, Please shed no tears. 
God is your balm, so just be calm. 
In this hour of your need,sow some seed. 
No matter your fears my mate, have some faith. 
One thing is sure,
you haven't come this far alone,
definitely you are not on your own. 
The Thing is you've got a great supporter,
he's got the keys to all portals. 
Don't give in to those feelings,
drop them,you are overcoming. 
Feelings can be tamed, 
Yea,tamed and shamed. 
So no matter your fears,
shed no tears. 
Trust me dear winner, 
You are an overcomer. 
Stop whimpering,
get up and get flying. 
Fly on the wings of God's favor and grace, 
Relax, He's got your back!