Will Thou Be My Valentine

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Castle walls thou hast breached for me
The miles thou weary travellest
Thou hast sent a heart full for me
Thou hast my love unravellest.

As the tree doth grow leaf once more
My love doth the same grow for thee
My blossom I will open forth.
As thou brings thy life’s love to me.

The walls thou boughtest down with grace
My heart thou stole and kept with thee
Thou givest me thy heart in place
To beat as one entwined with me.

As birds do mate on Valentines
I ask that thou will now be mine.

© 5/06/2013

One of the first mentions of Valentine for the 14th was because that's when it was percieved that the birds begin to mate.