Celebrating Fifty

Written by: miriam garcia

Here we are another year gone by 
But this time I have grown 
Half a life time 
Surrounded by all of you

Here we are me and all of you 
Mean the world to me 
I would not survived I had to strive 
Just keep my head above water 
Life is a beach you swim our drown 
Here we are 
Face to face celebrating 
I am still standing even when 
I was knocked to the ground 
When my smile was turned into a frown 
I was pulled up by faith lifted to higher place

Here we are
Thought I would not make it 
Thought It would be in destines hands
Thought the cycle would not be broken 
Few times spoken 

Here we are 
Looking at fifty more years to come
God willing 
Putting the past to rest 
Convincing  my self of it 
While still having flash backs
Regrets lingering in the air 

Here we are 
Wishes blown 
Hugs and kisses 
Just another year older