Written by: Gladys Thoko Mojapelo

It's not the length of your heels 
and the ability to walk them that 
defines your strength.....
It's when your courage has 
been blistered and made 
swollen by life's odd yet you still 
continue walking like you've just 

It's not your colorblocking 
eyeshadows and mascaras that 
exude your motherly care.....
It's your cry and compassion in 
your eyes for the man in the 
street without a home, the child 
on a winter's day without shoes 
on his feet.
It's the cry for that family 
without food.
It's your will to want to embrace 
the stranger passing by the 
wayside of the road.

It's not your lengthy earrings 
that display your 
It's when you want to 
understand the next person's 
story, be it a fellow taxiseat 
neighbour, fellow worker, fellow 
stranger you just met.

It's not the golden, bronze, 
shiny bracelets and bangles that 
display your inner strength.....
It's your ability to carry other 
people's load yet you still have 
your own to consider.

You are not defined by your skin 
type, latest trend, make-up and 
all that.
You are beautiful already......
You have been adorned with 
beauty on the inside

Your strength is within,
Let it out.....Let it out.
Yes, put on your stilletos, 
eyeshadows, mascaras, 
Put on your golden, bronze, 
shiny bracelets and bangles
But do not....
I say again do not let it shadow 
your inner beauty