To our baby unseen

Written by: jeremia letswalo

To these sheets where water broke I sit,the 
shivering silence with me spoke the tone so 
broke and empty,the night so merciless and 
senseless the world became,mind playing 
games of  what happened,what's happening and 
what could have been,tears I share in tranquil 
solo as I fear for her sorrow oh lord give her the 
world tomorrow,
These streets my mind walks in so  loud yet no 
one cares what my agony is about,imagination 
lost temporarily will I trust my vision to paint the 
future after these tears?blood so clueless 
invading the privacy of my nose,feeling lost and 
in misery found this wound so 
profound,perplexed and skull left open with 
confusion,brain freezing to this cruel world 
soothing,shooing stars and cars passes to my 
silence leaving eternal scars,will we have 
another baby for this/that one we lost?