Written by: George Zamalea

 Paris, France, 1986

By the window I sit
	When the rainy and blue sky
Are still highly above the sky, and the shadows made them tall and endless
	But  if I decided to write this,
Would it echoes through my pencil and awake her?
When I was still remembering the autumn atonement 
	And I pick up my impulse
And I shuttle up my imaginary line.
	Oh glares will!
I still sitting down there
	By the window and the blue-darkness sky looks at me
And alone with the moonlight 
	And weary eyes...
Reading the giddiness songs
	I felt safe to myself throughout
This anew coming and I see myself sitting now
	By the wooden fire
The Paris night is so beautiful indeed!
	I see myself against the shadow
Such as hers! I do not know;
	And see you, too, were walking over me.