Brain ageing Con Vowel

Written by: Seren Roberts

Who is that, aunt shouts out loud as she always hears a door opening. 
She also never answers to anyone calling out.
Selective audible hearing i believe is the answer. 
She adores life and cant abide diversions in her all seeking all knowledge events. Her aged  brain already stuffed, overloaded, with useless content, is forced into remembering.
A switch in the off position, I am sure is required.
A definite absolute refusal is the answer to any requests  asked.
Lady of mature age maybe I seem, in my own mind, am just a teenager is her answer
Because of brain age deterioration is happening, all knowledge isn't retained and
frustration  occurs.
What is the answer, what indeed?
The answer is not obtainable maybe in years ahead.
Meanwhile aunt decided a halt is needed, actually she accepts limitations occasionally, but a book is required always.
Proving age cant even be used as viable a reason ever. 

Con/ vowel alternate