Confused Key

Written by: Khalil Franklin

It seems life just gets harder. 
But through overcoming obstacles 
The mind gets stronger.

That's what many explain to me. 
I seem to recognize the concept and posses this key

I feel it gets misplaced most of the time 
Maybe it will imprint soon 
So I can distance myself from crime

Alone and confused was the I've taken,
Education is my only tool, but many say I'm mistaken

I want this search to be over 
Be grown 
and not confused 
With all the answers and no surprises 

But life only gets harder 
To maintain, 
is the higher power  

I've conquered much.

The highest power is recognition. 
Be different with strong ambition. 

Now, Ive found my key to focusing 
And its effect is brightening 

Khalil Wali Franklin