Written by: Nicholas Bello

First I'd grasp your virgin nape
And pull you in for a passionate union
Like fine silk, your hair will flow through my fingertips.
Soon finding their way south,
Removing everything in their way.
Skin so smooth it's frictionless,
My fingers would glide effortlessly across the contours of your body.
The excitement surges through us the closer we get;
Increasing our heartbeats to a low drone,
Making our steady hands clumsily shake,
Replacing logic with instinct.
Our lips part with haste,
As if there were no time for anything else.
But as quick as they parted,
my lips found new skin to familiarize; your neck, your collarbone, your chest, your stomach..
Reaching its final stop deferred
Fragrant orifice rosy with jubilation
Meets my lips with a jolt
Which subsides into a purr
A slight trill in reply to the stroke of my tongue
The urges amplify with every touch
Sending echoes of desire and pleasure
In a state of hysteria
Our bodies loose all control
need and want become one
And so do we 

By Nicholas A. Bello