Womb of the Sea


 Damned foul weatherin' clouds,
Wrath of accursed shrouds.
Castin' a shadow upon the sea,
Waves crash, drownin', wretched me.

Clashin' swords, swashbuckler blood spilt,
Ta the bottom I sunk, ta bed of silt.
Death has safe-harbored me,
Ta the deep blue majestic sea.

Be I a seafarer story ta chantin' bard.
Me ship and crew spare nay regard,
Scurvy jackal's with yellow tail,
Harnessed the wind, set sail.

Abandoned ta brackish grave,
A mutinous act bequest brave.
Ne'er be one matey ta mourn,
This ole sea-dog capta'n be shorn.

Cradled in the womb of the sea.
Her cold embrace comforts me.
A siren's lullybye she whisper'd
The song, dyin' ta be heard

She be mine mistress true,
I hail nay kin or kith ta sail to.
In me element, a fittin' death,
Inhalin' brine, me final breath.