Written by: david scott

Now I feel like I'm one of the silent majority
Like I'm that person who's eating humble pie
Though bitterness eating away inside of me 
And now I'm starting to crumble, all I do is cry
Expressing one's self in words, it's not as easy
But then trying to talk I do mumble, yes that's I
Getting myself into a right state getting panicky
But then I suppose a bit of a wombale that’s why

Sometimes I don’t choose my words that carefully
Trying to rumble tall yeah there’s no word of a lie
But right now these times just seem so scary
And as like always I stumble though ,I do try!

Again another little interpretasion of ones self expressing
another side in same vain as other writes older wonder
ect i was trying here to be clever with wording still wanting to
add extra verse perhaps in future I will do

written by my slef davidscott,,,,,,,,,,,,,, feb2013 
inspierd by past and present circumstants