In Stills

Written by: david scott

I ask myself have I come to a stand still
Is this a halt?, or is this only a full stop
Because if I were to get back up that hill
I think I'd need a catapult to reach the top

Perhaps the fact I have now lost the will
Maybe a lighting bolt though I think I'd drop
And yet again, the same old run of the mill                                          
Is it my fault if everything becomes a flop?

Again I need that high, looking for that thrill
Ignoring an insult if one dose take a pop
It's that same old feeling, again having nil
Feeling like an empty vault, a worthless crop 

It's true what they say there's no magic pill
Follow a cult but I'd just skip and jump to hop
I'm told I've got nothing to lose go for the kill
But though I revolt, because I’m in this strop

Again another introspection taken from ideas
older wonder with pattern again another interpretasion
of ones self written by myself davidscott feb 2013
probably makes no sense
but whats going on in my head right now dont
just another way of clearing my head a bit  STILL,,,,,,,,,,,,,