Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

In the high cupboard close to the fire
We couldn’t go in, punishment was dire
We had to behave and be very good
None could reach, though on the chair we stood.

Keep a lookout and I will climb high 
The eldest of us said he would give it a try
But none could reach that precious prize
The prize that was the delight of our eyes.

Granddad always gave us a big wide grin
We knew he would smile and give us the tin
He used to say grandma was a sly old fox
Making us behave just for a round button box.

He ruffled hair; he opened this tin of jewels
Every button you could think of, he was nobody’s fool
He knew we would behave and play without being told
Going through grandma’s button box, a joy to behold.

© 4/02/2013
Competition Entry: Buttons