who am i

Written by: melissa perry

where am i to belong in this corrupt judmental world
where do i stand in society? what am i classifed as? who am i?
am i the way i am becuase of what ive seen and done
or am i like i am because i was meant to be this way
or am i even me
cant you see who you are
or do you have problems too
we dont always seem to appear what we truly are
we all put on an acts at times
then how do we knoe which act is real and which in not an act
were able to give reason and explations with no explantaion
we say everything happens for a reason, when we have no explanation 
we love to hurt, and when we hurt, we want love
some cant feel love and have recieved so much
thoes who havent recieved love can love uncondiantlly but is it the right love?
people see and hear what they please, never do they believe what they truly feel
cant you see what you do, hide from the tru you
cause your always too concenred about who