the real me

Written by: melissa perry

the real me is somebody nobody is able to see
the real me is somebody i cant even be
the person i am is not what i see
the person i see is not what i wanna be 
im deciesive on where i am, and where i should be
yet i knoe where ive been and what ive seen
and i can tell you i never had somewhere to lean
it all builds up, then relases, sometimes you still cant see
where your meant to be after you break and people act obscece
my mind is racing, so i keep blazing
foggin up what i cant accept and seeing what i want to
trying to love, with no love in my soul
so much light and love waiting to be bloomed 
the real me is someone who was hurt so much
it became normal
the real me is a real person trying to find the light and fufill
evetyhing that i cant get in a pill !