Broken Wings

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Broken Wings Your life sadly, was just a short time to be lived here God knows how much your tiny body suffered through everything So much abuse that caused you so much pain and tears Still you tried to fly free with broken wings You sadly watched as others grow up to be who they were meant to be You never had a chance to live long enough to live within you’re dreams Your life only created dark memories of a childhood that robbed your self esteem Still you tried to fly free with broken wings At the age of ten you shed your last tears to fall You were unable to take on another breath You showed your last hope of ever making it out at all All the horrible abuse you endured ended in your death Today, I look up at the sky and I know it’s you that I see As I watch a beautiful white dove flying so happy and free I know in my heart that Jesus took you away from this world’s misery His way of fixing your broken wings…
This is a tribute to all of the angels that were born into this world who suffered so. God bless the little angels in heaven now.