Written by: kasim ishmael

Some girls are so beautiful
Some girls are so sweet
Some girls have magic
From their head to their feet

Some girls like lots of money
Some girls like the glam and fame
Some girls will take a cold heart
And set it on fire with flames

Some girls comes from heaven
And some girls will send you to hell
Some girls are ordinary and simple
But they can put you under a magic spell

Girls will always have power over men
Though some men will say not true
But just look at the couples around you 
And you will come to my concussions to

When a man loves a woman
She are his life, the air he breathe
The sun shines in the mornings, 
The moon at night, she’s all he need

And he will doing thing to show his love
Like Working in the rain for hours 
Just so that he get his pay 
To take her out and buy her flowers

Women are god’s gift to men 
And a man holds them with high regards’
And women can pave their own destiny
To choose a road that’s good or bad

Some men don’t appreciate a good woman
So they cheats and treats them bad
And then when the woman leaves them
Then lost the best thing they ever had

And some women will do the same also
And destroy their good name and character
And then spend their whole life feeling shame
For they can never get back their dignity after

But after all that is said and done
Women are more power full than men
For they can send a man to hell
For they can lead a man to heaven

And they can change the world
And make a difference in our lives
Because even the leaders of the world
Will ask and seek advice from their wives