What is Love

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Bending with the wind,
     Burning under the sun
Sitting in the breezes
    The rain drops on everyone.
We are like the grass,
    That rustles in the breeze
Then when love hits us
     Who is it we please?

When those little arrows
     Find a pathway to your heart
What do we do about them?
     Where is it that we start?

The raindrops fall, but when in love
     They are like kisses falling down
When the sun is beating on us 
     We can just wear love like a crown

When the lighting strikes 
    And fear comes knocking at the door
Love is there to shield us 
     Then fear can get to us no more

Love is all encompassing
     Love is what we need
When that love arrows strikes home 
     It also plants a little seed.

The seed of love that’s nurtured
     It grows no matter what we do
There is no protection
    To stop love from hitting you

Open your hand and open your heart
    Don’t duck and dive in fear
If love comes flying on cupids dart
    Grab hold and keep it near

Love is what will pull us through
    Love of all and each other
But to the special one that loves us so
    Remember not to smother

There are so many types of love
    From agape to romantic
Just make sure of the love you have
     Try not to force it or become frantic.

Love will find its way
    Through history this we know
So to all you lovers out there
    It’s time to send kisses to your beau. xx
© 4//02/2013 ~GG~