The Devil's Sex

Written by: Michael Smith

The red carpet is the scarlet letter dress 
Unfolding as the wind blown rose petals of morals bled
The paper skin wrapping falls
All around and beyond her
Angelina Jolie, Cleopatra, Aphreditie unclothed
Portrays sheer nude in flagrant attitudes 
Like minded men claiming to be artist 
Which fall away there too
Forget the light of Christ
Until fantasies sacrifice the souls
Casualties in a war of heaven and hell
One way ecstasy down the long and windy roads
Are they ever coming back from the devil sex
Not as long it's kept, believing it's romance
Outward they will grow older and elder 
But in the corners of a blackened mind
The others keep becoming younger and hunger
And where are any ideas of righteousness in this 
Upon the walkways of life next to spit