my forgotten valentine

Written by: apoorva patrikar

Deep blue and charismatic, slightly naughty yet kind
I wonder what they searched for, as his eyes bore into mine
I think he had ruffled hair, but I can’t exactly recall
All that I remember is that his eyes had made me fall

He looked at me I looked at him, and a new world begun
I had a new set of feelings, a new type of fun
My heart, felt heavier, I was floating in mid-air
I had the strongest urge to look pretty with my hair

His eyes were so deep they had a gravity of their own
Pulling me so strong, like I was meant to take this throne
I had seen in films, what love was actually like
But never had I experienced it, nor this emotional hike

“Sorry” he sexily said when he accidentally dropped my books
“No problem” I managed to say focusing hard on my looks
But he just looked around, and simply walked away
After taking a few steps, he turned to look my way

That got me excited, and he gave a crooked smile
My heartbeat sped, and I was mesmerized by his style
I wish I’d stopped to talk to him, but my voice cracked
That was the last we met, and that’s a hard fact

Was he a devilish angel, or an angelic devil?
Well, at least my first love didn’t cause me any trouble
I so really wish I still remembered his face
Nevertheless, his eyes’ memory remains…