Written by: jan oskar hansen


I sat by the window trying to catch sunbeam, when a man 
in a black suit, that hung loose on his skinny frame, walked 
past and I saw him disappear where the sandy road ends 
and the olive grove begins. For reason unknown to me he
cried, tears rolled to the lane like a broken pearl necklace

I sat by the window trying to catch a sunbeam when he 
returned pulling a an open coffin with a solid handle and four
suitcase wheels; in it a woman, in her best nightdress sat, 
darning wooly socks. The man looked at me shrugged his 
scraggy shoulders as to say: a wife┬┤s work is never done. 

I sat by the window, had caught a tiny sunbeam held in
my hand when the black suited returned pulling the same 
coffin, its lid was held in place by ropes.  I opened my 
hand released the trapped sunbeam, the vista of grief 
vanished and the day was bright and sunny.