A Interpretation of Starry Night

Written by: Audonus Taylor

Fireballs, meteors, or comets
hurled at the world like falling stars.
Aimed at little houses and little cars.
Speeding downward to crush the 
of a village and town where love and 
freedom roam.
And this is seen but unknown by the 
that reside in such beautiful places...
For all appears as night and stars..

And they look up high into the sky
Yet none die or wonder why... They 
They give up no signs of fright
But gaze upon a Starry Night...
At glance and in trance up above.
For by these stars, they know "HIS" 
His love and unconditional affection.
"He" keeps them safe. They know 

An unconditional love they can share 
Be it with him or with each other, 
live and laugh and love together...
On a Starry Night when light is gone
With him or with each other, they 
are never alone...
On this canvas, they understand this.
They understand this:

Love, faith, and hope... somehow,
Will keep them safe from danger 

They know this somehow...
They "know" everything I wish
I could "feel" right now...

Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh