Damn Bird

Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

"Damn Bird" All the King's Corsairs & Grand Sailors them all! Went to winds in efforts enthralled~ Ken o'lone sailor whot's ayre so then gone~ Nay naught e'er whot's seen any day's dawn~ For once they did'st sail seas then so steep~ Naught o'fear o'anywhot's ayre 'er deep~ & the corsair's king has gone off to sleep~ Arrrrggh...then did'st a'come a'thunder & gale~ Off far away from a distance seen her sail~ Sloop sleek & stealth by her wake~ Hard into harbour fast did she make~ 'Round embattlements under cannons hard roar~ O'er her topmast that damned bird did soar~ Eye at meown & hard as cobalt~ As if it all were meveryown fault!~ Now did'st damn bird aloft at me back~ Find in me mainsheet a tad o'such slack~ As to lay 'er booms wind'ard & set all a'back~ A'baft shall we then ride as one with a tide~ Blown 'ard fer lee shore & set to 'er rail~ Damn 'er foine line settles well in tall swell~ Cut now merry little sloop o'er those waves~ Fer damned if ya don't ye be a landsman & knave~ Begone silly bird yer toime 'as run through~ Such glass as ye know 'tis known but by few~ For all such 'as sailed seven seas~ E'er 'er tantrums & fury to please~ For all then they whot's e'er a'sea~ Such sea whot they didst tease~ Nay~Nay~ Off with ye now~ Damned bird 'overin' at me bow! Ne'er ne'er shall a day be again~ Whot ayre me 'ad call any damn bird me friend~ Feathers whot 'as all they got good~ Better yet whot's ayre them's all but food~ Off'n me rigging damn bird ye drat~ Off'n me spars whot 'ave ye that~ Out from me cabin & away from me bow~ Out or I'll be a'chasin' ye now~ Woe be damn day whot brung such a bird~ Not ne'er o'such 'ad e'er been 'eard~ Chewin' me spars & flailin' me lines~ All round me boat & under me chines~ Where be me wind to blow off this beast~ When does me waves take away this tiny feast~ Send me a monster of feathery touch~ If'n me 'as to be put up with such~ Off damn bird & outta me 'air~ Out with ye now I'll give ye a scare~ Fly like an Eagle so ye say ye do~ Ne'er no Eagle were that which ye knew~ SeaWolf ©