Passionately Waiting

Written by: Mia K

Can you imagine a garden without flowers
A sky without clouds
A winter without rain,
A summer without sunshine?

Can you imagine living without breathing
Can you imagine a heart that is not beating?
Can you imagine a body without a soul?

Trust me…
Without you, this is me, all in all..

I am a person who is always on fall
Without you, my life has no goal
I feel as if I am all alone
Even if around me I have the whole world..
Still I am missing you the most..

Now I have a smile that is only drawn
But in my heart and in my life
It is not imprinted at all..

Nearby, but hard to reach
Always Around, but can not reach
Is causing my heart
To achingly bleed..
I wonder if you can feel what is within me
I wonder if you can see
what you have put me into
Since it is was decided to be 
Two instead of united Two..

You left me sp speechless
without a lesson that I can teach
You left me only with a hope
that deep inside me, I truly feel 
and in it, I fully believe......

Patience is my key now
It is either I will reach your heart again
and listen to the melodies of its beats
which no one else can understand
by me... 
or I will go further than I need..

But no matter what the result shall be
just be sure that
one day I was passionately waiting for you
and I have done all I could....
so lets see..
Whatever is meant to be will always find its way...