Written by: Opeyemi Oluwafemi Adebayo

Hunger inflicts,
And thirst oppress.
The tongue succumbs-
To mouth’s barrenness.

I hear the drums of famish,
And feel the heat of the throat.
The muscles grow thin-
For famine predominates.

Hmm! the phallus releases it last drop,
As the anus hit it last shot.
Even the intestines are to-
Endure for a coon’s age.

Oh! Sere, how long will your reign be
For beauty is yielding to the ugly and-
Strength’s being devoured by weakness.
So I plead, Joseph, come to the rescue.

Release the abundance of your womb
For hands stretch towards you to get,
Teeth anticipate chewing
And stomachs would like to be filled.