The Worst Super Bowl Party

Written by: ilene bauer

Many Super Bowls ago,
We went to someone’s house;
I know it isn’t very nice
For guests to go and grouse.

But having been invited by
My husband’s friend from work,
I went expecting lots of fun,
With tasty food a perk.

For Super Sunday, people serve
Huge sandwiches or wings;
But at this party, food was scarce,
With neither of those things.

A table held a bowl of chips,
Some liverwurst and bread.
I think I would prefer to eat
Most anything instead.

If liverwurst was not your thing,
Well, you were out of luck;
And for the hours of Super Bowl,
With hunger you were stuck.

We made it through the night, of course,
But memory’s preserved
That liverwurst, which had to be
The worst food ever served.