Written by: richard ferry

Tin roofs with no paint      Windows covered with bars      Faces in the 
doorway     Lined and covered with scars      No children laughing and playing 
here      Hiding beneath the swing      Not knowing      What their future will 
bring      No books to take to school      No teachers to teach the golden rule      
Always hungry      Morning, Noon, and Night       Where`s the man of the 
house      That makes everything allright     Vanished one night      Without a 
word      Dogs barking wildly      Was all that could be heard      Her young ones 
now fast asleep       Time for her to hit the street       Asking for money      From 
everyone she will meet       No longer does she care       How many men enter 
her at night      She is now the man of the house      Needs to make 
everything        Be all right                            RICHARD FERRY