What women want to hear

Written by: Thami Sheshane


Let the sun shine and you can warm you so you 
can hear me. 
Let the clouds and mist shift so you can see me.
Let thunderstorms halt and winds cease,
So you can listen without fear or destruction. 

I'll not climb the highest mountains, for I'd fall 
and lose you, 
I'll not swim the deepest ocean, i might drown 
before my mission. 
And my mission is to be with you you. 

I'll buy you the cheapest present, to prove that 
the only expensive thing is my love. 
Ill cover your face and kiss your lips to show 
you're attractive, 
I'll cut your arm to prove you.re sensitive.
I'll make you cry, to prove you're always 

The things I'd do for you, nobody else can
Even when I can not stand, i will not avoid the 
touch of your hand. 

When I'm too proud to beg or take you back
After a misunderstanding, 
I'll be the pride, and kill myself just to save our 

I'll hide all men to make sure i'm alway the right 

I will never use pick-up lines on you, 
But i will pick up the lines to make you smile, 
i just wanna be sure i'm the original keeper of 
your heart