Shaft Of Light

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

As the black clouds parted, a shaft of light suddenly shone down
It hit the grass where I was laying, a silver circle like a crown

There was no rainbow there, so it was no pot of silver or gold
The shaft of light was dazzling, but it made my heart feel cold

 It seemed to be an icy shaft, but dazzling all the same
 Shinning I was fearful, was this God’s finger pointing out my shame

Shaking with fear I watched, the shaft of light still glowing there
Then I saw it shining, on the head with silver hair

The head of hair belonging, to the man beside of me 
The shaft of light shining, showing the love that I now see

The light is still glowing and it is just like a crown
On the head of the man beside me, the one that was also lying down.

© 3/02/2013
Entry For Shaft of Light Contest Sponsored By: Seren Roberts