Written by: Richard Lamoureux

I do not have the words to describe the uniqueness of you
You are the voice in the wilderness
Crying out to me
Not to just me alone
Still you speak directly to my soul
I am moved too places I have not seen
Experiences foreign to my imagination
I taste the dirt beneath your fingertips
I am satisfied
And yet I wish to consume more
You drag me down
Yet I am lifted by the brilliance of your thought
I sit in the centre of the darkness illuminated by your light
Each word written with purpose 
I cry and laugh
I am shocked and desgusted
I rip at my chest in anguish
I feel the pain of those I do not know
How is it that I live in a world without justice
I was unaware I was part of the problem
Until I read your words
A voice calling out from the wilderness
A strange now familiar voice
I clap and clap and clap
Your words your words your words
I am moved

Dedicated to Vicky Tsiluma the Poem says it all.