A Meditation

Written by: Brian Terry

I have lived a long and happy life
With many friends and lovers too
And now I only cleave to you
And I am tired with all this strife

I would seek peace of mind
with all desires left far behind;
But I am confused by my desire.
It clouds my vision as smoke before a fire.

Desire takes so many forms
And like the burning fire which warms
Cannot ever find satisfaction
As all that’s in its path meets only destruction

There has to be a way
of removing  all desire
and so achieving peace.
Is death the only option?

I am distraught. This cannot be
‘Seek My path’ says He
who is eternal, alpha and omega.
He says ‘ I am your Lord Dispater

I am the God of all creation
Bow down before me
For you are free
Let me feel your exaltation

Fear not death
they see you not before your birth
And after death invisible again
You are seen between two unseens
why in this truth find sorrow

Embrace the peace of death my son
All sorrows left
Desire is conquered
No more strife.’

No and again No! I have defined
I’ll not accept this so called god, primitive
He is but a product of my mind
My life is mine and I choose to live