The Monster Within Me

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

While strolling through court corridors, many see many in grief,
but not me, I see opportunity,
such as with this court case now being held before me presently.
The defendant killed a college student while on a drunken driving spree
and this wasn't his first offense apparently,
but the judge decided to set him free
due to some legal loop hole technicality.
The decease's family was devastated understandably.
On some level I understand their frustration and grief,
I just can't feel it or feel anything emotionally.
Enjoy your borrowed time sir for as long as you can freely.
My dark passenger has informed me that we are destined to meet
and on that encounter your life will end, ended by me.
No more havoc upon any more innocent lives will you ever again reap.
I'm not trying to serve justice for anybody.
I'm attempting to quench the uncontrollable hunger of the monster within me
without preying upon the innocent and weak.
I'm a monster with a conscience it would appear to be.