So Far Away

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

So Far Away Moonlight touches down on the open roads Leaving shadows from places so far away How I long to be with my family back home How fast the children keep growing each day I hear a song on the radio that brings me to tears A song about a truck driver like me I wish that my job required me to be near So I could live those precious moments with my family My wife works hard at keeping the children safe and sound Keeping the home front going strong She fights hard with the loneliness of me not being around Knowing we’re so far away feels so wrong I glance at our small family photo taped on my dashboard A moment I wish was here but that was some time ago A moment once lived and now gone So far away in the shadows I pull over my truck to wipe the tears from my eyes To look out beyond the distance of the road Hoping somehow, somewhere I’ll be able to see them in sight A glimpse of happiness of being home
Just a made up poem from a song I heard.