Matzoh Ball Soup

Written by: ilene bauer

Eating in a New York diner?
Here’s a little scoop:
You don’t have to be Jewish
To have matzoh balls in soup.

For in this local area
(New Jersey is included),
When soup is on the menu,
Matzoh ball won’t be excluded.

The chicken broth which forms the base
Should have sufficient salt,
Although complaints most often place
The matzoh balls at fault.

In restaurants, they’re often huge.
Most times, just one’s afloat;
But it should have a fluffiness
To fill you, not to bloat.

Though matzoh balls are served in soup
Each day throughout the year,
The only time I eat them’s when
The holiday* is here.

But like that Levy’s rye ad said,
You needn’t be a Jew
To eat some soup with matzoh balls – 
Go on, it’s good for you!

So if you’ve never had a taste,
It’s time to wet your whistle.
I guarantee you’ll love it,
Likely more than just a bissel**!

*Passover   **Yiddish for a little bit