Jesus Was There

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Jesus Was There Depression creeps up on us without a warning Before long the tears are connected to heartstring’s that are mourning Having one wonder, when will these tears stop their flow? Having one question where is Jesus when I need him so? The days seem like the sun will never shine again Having us wonder did its rays drown in our tears of no end Having us question where has Jesus been all along? Why hasn’t he dried these tears from things going so wrong? Jesus was there the whole time, but we were convinced it was dark For the sun was always shining its rays right into our hearts He was leading us out of the shadows where our tears have been Though we kept insisting on testing our own faith from within Through our darkest days, hours and times of our lives We must stand strong and reach our open arms towards the skies There we will feel his loving touch holding us with his warm embrace A place where tears have dried that once came down in an endless trace