A Forgotten Valentine

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

A Forgotten Valentine She remembers her past Valentines Days As she reads the cards of love from the past Oh how it felt so good to believe he was there to stay Sadly it broke her heart to know it didn’t last They first met in a Valentine’s dance The whole night brought magic to her heart The song they danced to symbolized a coming romance Today, hearing the same song brings back memories of that part Tears of sorrow and emptiness roll down her face Sadly she realizes that another Valentine Day has gone by Her soul remains trying to find an existence on this day Heartbroken to know that she is still a forgotten Valentine She gathers up the strength to throw away the Valentines cards he once sent Along with the past flowers that rested dry and wilted unable to hold its memories of its time She vows to herself that this will be the last Valentine Day she will ever spend Alone, sad and still being a forgotten Valentine