Bay Harbor Butcher or Dark Defender

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

He has been dubbed The Bay Harbor Butcher by the media,
but his supporters have named him The Dark Defender.
Hundreds of garbage bags have been found scattered on the floor of the bay's harbor
and each one contains body parts, evidence of an untimely death of pure horror.
The common denominator involving these hundreds of victims
is that they were all guilty of committing very horrible, evil things
and for whatever reason slipped through our justice system
to continue on doing their evil doing.
There is an APB out currently
for The Bay Harbor Butcher officially,
He is considered armed and dangerous so approach cautiously
and notify your local law enforcement if sighted immediately.
The Dark Defender however has gained much support and sympathy
and is hoped silently never to be apprehended, but to continue his avenging deeds.