Invitation to Valentine Bash

Written by: Abdul Malik

(Direction to the Venue)

I live on the Heartland Estate
Across from the Elysian Fields,
At the corner of Lovers Lane
and Pure Passion Boulevard
in the town of Romeoville.

If you are taking a midnight train
Get down at the Juliet Junction;
Catch a bus to the Breakheart pass
And get off at the Harem Heights stop.
You'll reach my Pleasure Palace
before the break of day.

Flying of course is not advised
As it is impossible to dodge
Cupid's arrows!

But if you are planning to drive,
Take the highway to Elysium.
You might have to stay
overnight at the Erotica Inn,
Famous for sensual stimulator Kiosks.
After some luscious nibblings
at the Casanova Cafe,
You'll arrive before lunch
at my enchanting Chateau.

Bring your lust luggage,
Loads of love potion and lots of charm.
Running amuck is strictly prohibited.
There will be plenty of time to cuddle
and coo at the Pleasure Point hill,
Loll in a pool of honey and wine,
And soak in the sensual glow
of a bohemian moon.

RSVP: A week shy of Valentine's Day
Or, please call 666-PASSION.