Thankyou Poet Friends

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

There are so many Poems 
I wish I could read
So many to choose from
These words on which I feed

Pools of inspiration
A present for my soul
Each piece fits together
Filling in every hole

I am reading so much
I have no time to write
Enjoying my word feast
Delighting in each bite

Time's my limitation
I wish I could stop by
If you do not see me
This is the reason why

So if you forgive me
It's not that I don't care
With so much to choose from
I can't be everywhere

To all my new friends at the Soup, sometimes I feel bad
I do not have the time to visit and appreciate your amazing words.
Please know that I have been touched by so many wonderful 
people here. This is my small thank you to all of you.