It's Always Like This

Written by: Jack Jordan

	It’s Always Like This
	Empty stool
	in that 
	sleazy bar 
	I go to 
	too often. 
	I leave  
	smelling like
	stale beer
	dead cigarettes
	whiff of vomit
	with anyone
	I don’t know
	or his name. 
	You were 
	I was
	no different.
	Why even
	imagine what 
	might be possible?
	Four floors 
	eight flights
	top of the 
	dirty green walls
	in the closet
	mattress on the 
	a window 
	above the bed.
	Yes, there’s stars 
	but that’s 
	too romantic for
	crazy drunk sex.
	You’re gone
	when we’re done.
	Same old ending.