Written by: FABIYAS M V

While shuttling between
the ache and the agony,
a child zips his pains
in a bag of silence.
He keeps his poverty
beside a peacock feather
in his text-book.

Wanting the modern feathers
and the wings of a bike,
the young man sits drooping
in a friendless nest.
He creeps like a worm
along the shelves in a library
in search of his shelter.

The man marries
a bucolic beauty, who
burns like a kerosene lamp
in his dark kitchen.
Noble births grow in poverty
as the chaff smolders.
A new wasp stings him daily.

My hero Duridhan still stands,
now as a snowy statue,
on the pedestal of hardships.
But that remnants – 
a pair of stiffened arms
and an undaunted heart-
are fit to smile at any challenge.

Fabiyas M V