The Dark Passenger

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

I have a dark passenger always with me.
All of us do actually.
Each and everyone of us has the capability
to imagine the most unimaginable darkest thoughts ever to be,
we all just tend to not indulge our dark passenger instinctively.
No one in their right mind at any time
desires to remain in a constant darkest state of mind,
that is until the dark passenger fully arrives.
The dark passenger makes its appearance generally
during those periods we have termed "insanity."
When one embraces thoughts of darkness regularly,
the dark passenger will make a full appearance inevitably.
There isn't anything wrong with viewing the occasional horror movie,
but I wouldn't recommend viewing them over and over again repeatedly.
It would only serve to fuel and strengthen your dark passenger's entity, 
and so I guess that the moral of the dark passenger story
is to indulge your dark passenger very carefully.
Live your life as stress free as can possibly be
and your dark passenger will remain at a distance of relative safety.
If that doesn't work, 
then there's probably something very wrong with you neurologically
and if I were you, I would seek professional medical help ASAP!