Can't Handle This Blip

Written by: Jack Ellison

They shut off our power for about 3 hours To make needed repairs they say D'ya know how that affects our daily routine Like our arm's been cut off half way No heat, no lights, no computers, no telly We might as well cash in our chips Aware it was only from nine until noon But my mind can't handle this blip Anything different from my normal routine Throws me in a kind of a dither I get all sweaty and my eyes bulge out My speech starts to slip and slither I once was able to handle these disruptions When I was young, handsome and virile Now that I'm a slobbering vile old man My mental capacity has fizzled Some people suffer from a power shortage Every single day of their lives Got nothing to do with a disruption in hydro Their ageing is in overdrive © Jack Ellison 2013