Gonna find out

Written by: Jay Loveless

Im on my feet
A hop and a skip
Dont know whats gotten into me
But Im ready to forget 
Ill live without regrets
Love to my fullest extent
But guard my heart 
Like its the gates to the city of the avenged
Cant tell ya whats got me in this mood
The world seems brighter
And the sky more blue
My heart feels fuller
What, when was it broken again? 
I dont remember, cant say that we're friends
It not that the love didnt matter to me
But if I keep holding on 
Well hell, how can I be free? 
So I'll let out this smile
And trust me its real
Breathe in some fresh air
And life I will steal
But its not a robbery
Cause Im stealing for myself
What I had once given away
Well I'll be taking it back
Listen here, Ive gotten off track 
My Point is guys 
That Im in a wonderious mood
Though lifes taken a bad turn
I dont have the blues
So join my parade
See the beauty in life
Or all of my pain will have been taken in strife
I wont let it get me down
Im a lovely gall
And thats what the world is gonna find out