Finding my Valentine

Written by: Mich Elle

In hopes,
there is thousand wish,
In desires,
there is million will,
In time,
those could pass by,
how can I find my Valentine?

For years,
searching the Mister Perfect,
For years,
finding the Mrs.Perfect,
and ages,
should we aim for Goddess or God?
how can I find my Valentine?

we forgetting the reality,
that someone do behold us in their eyes and dreams,
but how could we missed it?
how can I find my Valentine?

we believe,
in February for the cupid shoots,
and aiming the figures of our dream,
how can I find my Valentine?

the Valentine is there,
if you keep going hundred steps to the front,
without looking hundred steps at the back,
and saying good bye to the fragile emotions,
you will found your Valentine,
right in front of your eyes.