Forgotten Valentines

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

I went through the attic , and there I found
Stacks of valentines, just laying around
Some of them received, when I was a child
Days of innocence, before I was wild

Then I found one from when I was a teen
When we broke up, I was so very mean
As I read her card,  I'm left feeling bad
Thinking about it now makes me so sad

Everything seemed like a promise of love
Spirits soaring on wings from high above
Still here they sit alone in this pile
Heart shaped gifts, forgotten after a while

What of the other cards, I threw away
All my lost Valentines, from former days
Hearts that were broken, including my own
That day is difficult when you're alone

Practice makes perfect, true love in the end
Forgotten Valentines, were just pretend
Now I know a love, that is made to last
My old Valentines, belong in the past

The Forgotten Valentine Contest
Written February 1st on my Wife's Birthday.
She is so amazing that all our Valentines
are unforgettable.