What Am I Living for

Written by: Kyle kriticos

An impulse awakes me
A stubborn accomplice
It's a plant that I have watered and grown

A desperate companion
A nurtured obssession
It's choking out the love that I know

So I open my eyes
And I draw back the curtain
And I pray to the God that I ignored
Could you unlock my prison
Could you give me a reason
Could you tell me what I'm living for

There's a purpose that chases
A meaning that searches
And a hope that is making me run

There's a doorway to conscience
And a stairway to freedom
But all I see are the things that I've done

Could I turn back the tide now
Could I find something better
Could I build on the things that I lack

Cause an impulse has trapped me
An angry liaison
A thought with a knife at my back

(C) Kyle Ezra Kriticos  (Music by Jaqueline Benoit)