Mayor Koch

Written by: ilene bauer

New York’s lost an icon
Who was in your face and brash.
He always spoke his mind and thus,
With many he did clash.

A three-term mayor with a bridge
That’s honored with his name,
His trademark “How’m I doin?”
Vaulted him to fame.

He never lived in Gracie Mansion,
Long a mayor’s goal,
Instead remaining in his village pad,
With rent control.

Koch rarely wore a hat, but once,
While in a winter storm,
His pate, uncharacteristically,
Was covered to be warm.

Reporters teased him and he laughed,
While pointing to his head,
“This schmatte*? Yeah, it was a gift;”
And that was just so Ed.

To many, me included,
He was New York quintessential.
Perhaps his strong appeal
Was rooted in the residential.

I think New Yorkers, all of us,
Will miss old Mayor Koch.
The city won’t be quite the same
Without him on his watch.

*Yiddish for a rag or cheap piece of material